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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I took one of your products and I had a bad reaction to it (or it didn't work)?

The first thing you should do if you have a serious reaction is seek medical attention. Take the product and all the packaging with you to show the doctor. Once the immediate problem has been dealt with you should notify us of the problem (or get your doctor to do it for you). It may well be an effect that is known to occur in a small number of patients and is already mentioned on the product packaging, however we do need to assess all such reports. We have a page dedicated to reporting these reactions.Keep a note of ALL the medicines that you have taken recently, both prescribed and non-prescribed (including any herbal products). Ideally you should make a note of all batch numbers as well.

What position does the group take on animal testing?

We have never needed to be involved in animal testing of our products. Our pharmaceutical products are formulated using established well known ingredients so the various regulatory bodies throughout the world accept the existing references and continued monitoring of the various actives in the human population. Likewise our formulated non-pharmaceuticals products are not tested on animals. We actively choose alternative methods to demonstrate product safety  and effectiveness.

Do you use ‘E’ numbers in your products?

Can we ask you a question instead? Do you know what an ‘E’ number is?

The answer lies in European legislation (89/107/EEC). The framework provides both a set of standards and an easy way for consumers to identify food additives. The list is very extensive and includes colourings, preservatives & antioxidants, acidity regulators, thickeners, and sweeteners. There are other categories of ‘E’ numbers but these are the main ones that are also used in pharmaceuticals.

If you know that you are allergic to saccharin then if you see E954 on a label it should be much easier to spot than for instance sodium saccharin. Unfortunately due to popular ignorance many people have come to equate the ‘E’ number with the belief that the ingredient will cause reactions in all individuals. Remember that the air you breath is 70% Nitrogen; and when Nitrogen is used as a food aerosol propellant it is E941. Likewise Riboflavin is otherwise known as Vitamin B2 and is an essential part of the diet however riboflavin has an orange colour so it is sometimes used as a food colouring, at which point it is also known as E101.

Exactly what day of a month does expiry refer to?

Our expiry date means that the product can be used up to the last day of the month indicated, provided it has been stored according to the instructions on the pack.

Once a pack has been opened the expiry date may no longer hold true, for instance it is generally considered that liquids and creams (from any manufacturer, not just us) should be discarded after 4 weeks of use because the preservative system only has a fixed capacity to deal with contamination of the product with micro-organisms each time it is used.

Do you use alcohol in your products?

We try to avoid alcohol in our formulations. Our flavours are all alcohol free and we do not use ethyl alcohol as an ingredient in any of our products that are to be taken internally. Occasionally ethyl alcohol is used as part of the extraction process in preparing natural ingredients in which case the word ‘Tincture’ will appear in the ingredients list; however the actual amount of ethyl alcohol in the finished product will be extremely small.

Do you use animal materials in your products?

The use of animal products is avoided where possible. However bovine gelatine remains the material of choice for producing capsule shells and bovine tallow is still the standard basis for producing soap bars. Some of our products contain beeswax.

Do your products contain pork (pig) derivatives?

We avoid the use of pork derivatives in our products. The gelatine used in our hard and soft capsules is of bovine (beef) origin.

What about BSE/TSE/ Mad Cow Disease?

The gelatine used in pharmaceutical products in Europe is very carefully regulated and only comes from sources certified as taking the correct procedures to minimise the risk of specified risk material entering the production process both by monitoring the herds and by control of the extraction process. 

Can I buy your products directly from you?

We don’t supply our products directly to the public. Nor do we condone the personal sale of pharmaceutical products across national boundaries. With representation in over 80 territories it is likely that you can find our products in a pharmacy near where you live. Also remember that due to national regulatory requirements and differing climate the products may have a slightly different formulation, dose or packaging from one market to the next.

I purchased one of your products while visiting another country; can I buy it in my own market?

Almost certainly yes!

However there are a few markets where a product may not be available for some reason. For instance our Bepro Cough syrup is based on codeine and can be freely sold without prescription from pharmacies in the UK yet it cannot be sold without prescription in the UAE (nor should any personal medicine containing codeine be taken into the UAE). Noradran is an extremely popular cough mixture in Cyprus but we do not market it in the UK because we have so many other cough mixtures in our range. Our Paxidorm brand of sleep aid products is sold under various third party brand names in the UK.

Some typical commercial questions

Can I represent Alinter Group in my market?

We are always interested in new outlets for our products but it is fair to say we already have an extensive system of agreements in place through the world. It is well worthwhile checking in your local pharmacy to see if our products are available before contacting us. Remember that selling pharmaceuticals involves a lot of time and expense both in registration of the products with the authorities and also in post marketing pharmacovigilence. If you are still sure that you wish to contact us please use the contact page.

Would Alinter Group distribute our own product through its network?

It may be possible. Zenith Pharmaceuticals Ltd was created to distribute third party products into the UK and/or world markets using our existing network. Once again feel free to contact us using our contact page.