As a successful supplier of quality products produced in full compliance to GMP we occasionally find that our products are counterfeited. Counterfeit medicines are always cheaper than genuine products because the counterfeiter does not need to comply with regulatory standards when producing fakes. Counterfeits typically have no active ingredients or if they do they may be low in strength or different to the declared one. They are often produced in poor premises by untrained staff. Counterfeits do not get regulatory review by the local authorities. There is no after sales support from a counterfeiter and certainly no provision of pharmacovigilance.

Product Photo Notes
Calcimax Syrup Use of our brand name in a regulated market. This counterfeit is produced in India.
Concavit Syrup
This product is deliberately reproducing the style, image and colours of Concavit Syrup. This counterfeit is produced in India.
Eros Cream Poor quality fake of Eros Cream. The counterfeiter has made numerous errors in copying the text of the carton. The hologram has been poorly applied. All indicative of a product made without quality concerns.
Eros Spray The fact that this fake has been packed in a cosmetic grade can suggests that it has not been produced in a pharmaceutical plant. The genuine product is much smaller, is presented in a black canister in a gold box with a hologram.
Eros Spray This company is using our trademark on their own product. Our trade mark was originally registered in 1919.